GD&T consulting


  • GD&T application
  • Functional datum scheme
  • Functional dimensions and tolerances
  • Preferred use of GD&T symbols
  • Ensuring assembly of parts
  • Resolving existing fit up issues
  • Resolving potential field issues


Tolerance stack up consulting

tolerance stackup

  • Tolerance stack projects using 1D and 2D methods
  • 3D Tolerance analysis projects using 3D software
  • Tolerance optimization for cost and manufacturing capability


Online GD&T training

gdandt symbols

  • GD&T basics
  • GD&T advanced


Online tolerance stack up training

tolerance stacks

  • Tolerance stack using rectangular tolerancing
  • Tolerance stack using GD&T
  • 3D tolerance analysis using software


Design & drawing solutions

3D models

  • Creating drawings from models
  • Concept & feasibility study using cad software
  • 3D models creation from available drawings
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