1. Oveview: History of GD&T, benefits, limitations of +/- tolerances, cost saving, functional dimensioning, uniform practices etc.

2. General rules: Fundamental rules, rule 1 and rule 2, drawing insights

3. Form tolerances: Flatness, Straightness, Circularity and Cylindricity

4. Orientation tolerances: Perpendicularity, Orientation and Parallelism

5. Location tolerances: Position, Symmetry and Concentricity

6. Profile tolerances: Profile of a line and Profile of a surface

7. Runout tolerances: Circular runout and Total runout

8. Modifiers: MMC, LMC, RFS, MMB, LMB, RMB etc.

9. Applications: Tolerance application, modifiers applications, tolerance calculations

10. Miscellaneous: Surface roughness, flexible parts, inspection procedures of GD&T