Creo Parametric

Creo Parametric


1. Sketcher: All sketching features like line, circle, arc, copy, mirror & constraining etc.

2. Part Modeling: Tools like extrude, revolve, sweep, blend, swept blend, helical sweep,
draft, round, rib, chamfer, shell & variable section sweep etc.

3. Assembly: Concept of top-down/bottom-up assembly, mate, align, insert, coordinate
systems, fixed, cutout, merge & simplified representations.

4. Additional Features: Family tables, relations, parent child concept, redefining, user
defined feature, cosmetic features & holes.

5. Measurement Analysis: Distance, area, diameter, curve length & angle.

6. View Manager: Colour, appearance & Rendering.

7. Detailing: Concept of layers, drafting, sections, geometric tolerance & dimensioning.

8. Sheet Metal: Creation of walls, bend, unbend, rip, punches & notches etc.

9. Surfacing: Boundary blend tool & surfaces using basic tools.


Advanced Modules:

1. Creo-Piping:

- Routings
- Fabrication
- Insulation
- Reports
- Information
- Drawings

2. Creo-E Mechanisms:

- Connections
- Servomotors
- Analysis
- Results
- Measures
- Curve tracing