1. Draw: All drawing features like line, circle, arc, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, spline, polyline, donut, wipeout etc.

2. Modify: Tools like move, mirror, offset, copy, rotate, stretch, scale, hatch, mirror , break, explode, array etc.

3. Assembly: Bill of materials, assembly of parts, parts ballooning, title block, revision block, notes, isometric view etc.

4. Layers: Layer properties, edit layer, create layer, modify layer, layer application in drawing etc.

5. Properties: object properties, dimension properties, block properties, block editor, constraining etc.

6. View Manager: Colour, appearance, zoom, pan, orbit, extents etc.

7. Detailing: Drafting, sections, geometric tolerance & dimensioning, linear tolerances, precision etc.

8. Output: Printout, page setup, plotting options, export, formats, importing, hyperlinks etc.

9. 3D exposure: Exposure to 3D, benefits, 3D softwares